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Mac Optimizer Pro
Xportsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd - 3.41 MB (Freeware)

Mac Optimizer Pro is a feature-rich, advanced software to clean up and optimize Mac computers for an improved performance. This powerful app is acclaimed as the best mac cleaner by millions of satisfied users from around the world who have used it to speed up slow Mac and get rid of all issues that prevent them from having a seamless Mac experience.

Time Machine
Jon Brown Designs - 0.29 MB (Freeware)

Time Machine backs up all of your files to an external hard drive, allowing you to restore them later when you want. The backup software is intended to work with Time Capsule storage program together with other internal and external disk drives.

The Unarchiver
Dag Agren - 5.50 MB (Freeware)

Archiving or compressing files in order to share them with your friends via email is an everyday activity for most Mac users. There is a large collection of applications which are designed to decompress files and The Unarchiver is one of them.

Memory Clean
FIPLAB - 4.40 MB (Freeware)

Is your Mac slow? If so, a quick flushing-out of RAM can help boost-up things. Memory Clean is one of the best software to speed-up your Mac’s performance. It flushes out freeing wasted memory and instantly boosts your systems performance. Macs often have unused cache stored in the system which can easily hamper its performance.

Piriform - 3.30 MB (Freeware)

Piriform’s CCleaner has received a lot of appreciation for maintaining PCs for over a decade, but for Macs it’s relatively new. The application performs very quick actions and enhances your Macs performance. Tough, the application doesn’t appeal its users with its first glance on the interface, its performance and efficiency covers all the missing parameters.