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Brackets for Mac
Adobe Systems Incorporated - 57.00 MB (Freeware)

Brackets is a lightweight code editor for web projects to help you write and test code in a well-organized development environment. The Mac software is built on top of web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Bugzilla for Mac
Mozilla - 3.90 MB (Freeware)

Bugzilla for Mac is a reliable bug-tracking tool that is specially intended to help programmers while working on various software and web projects. Developers can use the application to keep a to-do list, as well as prioritize, schedule, and track dependencies.

Apache Friends - 131.00 MB (Freeware)

XAMPP is an open-source web server package that allows you to quickly install web server components like the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in PHP and Perl programming languages.

Apple Inc. - 4.47 MB (Freeware)

Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to help you create applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, as well as Apple Watch and Apple TV. The app making program provides developers a unified workflow for user interface designing, coding, testing, and debugging.

Parallels IP Holdings GmbH - 297.70 MB (Freeware)

If you wish to use Windows on your Mac without the headache of rebooting, then Parallels for Mac is your best bet. It is almost the fastest, well-integrated solution to access Windows apps in OS X. You should choose it for its well-stocked one-stop shop of Windows and other reputed operating systems to download and install.