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Vivaldi Description

Vivaldi is a feature-rich web browser for Mac OS designed to provide a more streamlined and fast experience while browsing online.

Vivaldi browser has been mainly designed for power users as it has some advanced features and functions that novices may find unfamiliar. The application has a Quick Commands section that lets you search or run commands in a much similar way to OS X’s Spotlight feature. You’re allowed to search through open tabs, settings, history, bookmarks, more from a command-line layout.

The Mac software is quite similar to the Opera browser in several ways. There are some interesting features which are fairly nice such as the UI that fades colors in order to match the effective color on the page, as you navigate between sites.

Vivaldi for Mac comes with an impressive layout such that the left toolbar offers an easy access to Bookmarks menu, the Vivaldi Mail (upcoming), Downloads menu, Contacts list, and Notes tool. At the same time, the top toolbar is reserved for browsing between tabs while you can find the address and search bar at the bottom right.

In addition, the bottom toolbar lets you apply various filters (like grayscale, sepia, etc.), block all images from the page and block content as well. Moreover, the web browsing tool for Mac also allows you to adjust the zoom level, change the font and highlight certain areas. All the items are placed in a logical manner and give you a clean, gentle user interface.

The latest version of Vivaldi introduces Tab Stacks function, enabling you to group multiple tabs into one. You’re able to organize your bookmarks by category. You can also create Speed Dial groups and organizes your sites based on your interests such as News, Sports, Tech, etc. Download Vivaldi for Mac today and enjoy the fast browsing experience.

Key features of Vivaldi

 > Useful Quick Commands and mouse gestures

 > Can organize your tabs via Tab Stacks

 > Notes panel

 > Adaptive Interface

 > Spatial Navigation

 > Speed Dial groups

 > Highly customizable

 > Runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows

The Pros

 > Offers a streamlined user experience

 > Minimalist yet well-organized interface

 > Built on modern web technologies

 > You can take notes while surfing

 > Integrates efficient link management support

The Cons

 > Slow startup

The Bottom Line

Vivaldi is one of the most powerful browsers that come with a rich functionality. It combines an Opera-like interface with a Chromium open-source platform. The program has a user-friendly interface that contains simple yet effective fonts and icons. In addition, the application includes all the basic functionalities and also provides a set of innovative features.

Overall, the Internet browser for Mac gives an extremely fast browsing experience while being able to run on limited hardware resources. Download it now and surf it the way you want!

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