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Transmit Description

Transmit is a highly-intuitive FTP client that has been specifically made with Macs in mind. The application supports a SFTP, S3 and iDisk protocol that lets you download, upload and delete various files over the Internet.

The application supports quick multiple-connection transfers and lets you easily edit anything you want to send. For those who find difficulties while transferring their files through FTP, Transmit is one the best application to go for.

In addition, it allows you to smoothly sync your files using various different methods. Using this file transferring application, it’s possible to sync your favourites even via iCloud and Dropbox. Moreover, it simplicity and ease of use makes it set apart from other similar applications.

Transmit is divided into two panels. One of which stand for your local system while the second represents the system user is connected to. Transmit is one of the best FTP clients that can be used by both novices and professionals alike.  Integration with Finder and iCloud makes it work smoothly within the Mac ecosystem.

 It arrives with a Twin-Turbo engine and FXP support fact that makes it smooth-running, fast and reliable client for most Mac users.

Key features of Transmit

  > Easy to use, powerful and versatile FTP client

  > Able to sync with .Mac

  > Support fast transfers

  > Enables you to limit the bandwidth

  > Supports two-pane window

The Pros

  > Highly-flexible and simple user interface

  > Allows you to compare or synchronize files with ease

  > Perfectly integrates with other applications like Spotlight and Finder

  > Lets you organize and manage large files on different servers on clouds

The Cons

  > Sometimes show unstable performance

Bottom Line

Transmit, FTP client, is loaded with an array of features designed specifically for Macs. It provides all things in a clear and simple user interface. The only drawback of this file transferring application is that you have to pay some money. There are many other rival products available in the market that can be used for free.

Download Transmit FTP client for the OSX platform by hitting the green download button above. 

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Mac OS X
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