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TotalFinder Description

TotalFinder is a navigation tool for Mac which offers a lot of powerful upgrades over default tools that are available in the inbuilt OS X finder. It is a system utility that offers tools to help you find different apps so that you don’t need to install any separate app for the purpose. When installed, the app runs in the background.

It enables tabbed Finder space and increases ease of use for the Finder on Mac. The tool comes with dual mode which allows you to add multiple Finder Windows. You can easily choose which window you want to work form.

TotalFinder, after installing will replace Finder icon allowing you to access Finder tools easily. Though it runs silently on your Mac, you can easily turn it off by closing the taskbar icon. Its interface is fast and smooth.

The main advantage offered by the TotalFinder is tabs, which reduces number of folders you need to open. Only with one window, you can have a clear overview of every folder you had opened.

Another useful feature in the TotalFinder is the ability to get rid of pesky DS_Store files that waste your Mac storage.  With the tool you can organize your folders and files in more intuitive ways.

Salient features

  > Lets you automatically access tools

  > Merges everything into a friendly work-flow

  > Offers a tab-based layout

  > Small and highly specialized

  > Seamless and smooth interface


  > Increases ease of use for Finder on Macs

  > Gives you tabbed Finder space

  > Offers Dual-mode for side-by-side Finder views

  > Neat and tighter interface

  > It removes DS_Store problems

  > Gives Default Finder, lots of customizable and powerful tools


  > Require an uninstaller for removal

  > Only for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion

Bottom line

TotalFinder is a small and highly specialized tool for Mac which increases the usability of Finder space by making it cleaner and neater.

Download TotalFinder for Mac to enhance your file browsing experience on Mac. 

7.50 MB
Mac OS X
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