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Tor Browser
Updated: Last week
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Tor Browser Description

Tor Browser for Mac is an effective tool which is specially designed to provide anonymity over the Web. The software is preferable by users who are much concerned over their online security and privacy.

Other than anonymizing your browsing identity over the Web, the software provides additional benefits of encrypting your messaging and other application services using the TCP protocol. Tor Browser also helps to aid you in shielding yourself from various online threats such as hackers, phishing sites, spams, and much more.

Based on the Onion routing technique of U.S Naval Research lab, the browser is maintained by an open source community known as the Tor Project.

The browser features a flexible interface which allows you to toggle the browser on or off based on your preferences. It secures all your communications by bouncing them around a distributed network of servers dubbed “onion routers”, letting you enjoy a secure browsing.


  > Enables you to hide your IP address by using proxies

  > The browser automatically connects to the Tor network on startup

  > Lets you manually adjust web browsing privacy settings

  > Secures your information by anonymizing your browsing


  > Quick and easy to install

  > Lets you use tried and tested Tor network

  > Lets you effectively maintain your privacy online

  > Flexible user interface


  > Performance is dependent on the Tor network

  > Configurations may be lost during updates

At present, many people are using Tor Browser for various reasons. It is free of cost, secure and easy to install. Also, the user interface is friendly and flexible. So, if you are looking for a browser which is secure and capable of protecting your confidentiality then there is no better option than the Tor Browser for Mac.

Download Tor browser for Mac and start enjoying a snooping free browsing experience!

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