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The Unarchiver
Updated: Last week
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The Unarchiver Description

Archiving or compressing files in order to share them with your friends via email is an everyday activity for most Mac users. There is a large collection of applications which are designed to decompress files and The Unarchiver is one of them.

The Unarchiver is a powerful and very fast archive expander designed to decompress RAR, Zip, 7-Zip, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, Stuffit, and several other formats.

The file extraction utility has a clean and simple UI that even a novice can easily access its features. It is one of the best service packages for decompression of documents.

When you run this file compression tool for the first time, the Preferences window will pop up to help you configure it right away. In order to choose the archive formats you want the program to open, you just need to access the Archive Formats tab from the Preferences window.

There’s an Extraction tab that allows you to set the destination path. You’re allowed to choose whether to create a new folder for extracted files and how to set the modification date for the created folder. You can also choose whether the original documents should be moved to Trash or not, after decompression.

From the Advanced tab, you’re able to customize the filename encoding auto-detection features. Apart from this, The Unarchiver for Mac also offers support for split archives from certain formats.

There is a sandboxed version which is available through Apple’s Mac App Store. In this, you need to give authorization when The Unarchiver runs for the first time in order to decompress data. However, you can also go for a non-Mac App Store (non-sandboxed) version of the utility from the developer’s site.

The free decompression software is quite easy to use and install, you just need to copy it into your Applications folder, or wherever else you prefer and then set it as the default one for archive files. This can be achieved either from the preferences panel in the program itself or in the Finder.

The Unarchiver’s full version is able to handle archives using a wide array of foreign character sets and text encoding, like the ones created while using non-English versions of other OSs.

Not only this, but The Unarchiver’s comprehensive archive support was achieved via open source libxad unarchiving library in order to develop the tool. Download The Unarchiver for Mac today and easily decompresses files.

Key features of The Unarchiver

 > Supported formats: Tar-BZip2, Tar-GZip, RAR, Zip, Stuffit, etc.

 > Finder-like interface

 > Uses Mozilla character set auto-detection code for filenames

 > Capable of recognizing filenames with foreign character sets

 > Built around libxad

 > Progress bar displays the progress of extraction

 > Extraction tab lets you choose how the application handles extracted documents

 > Advanced tab deals with filename encoding

The Pros

 > Easy to configure

 > Supports a huge range of archive formats

 > Lets you decompress various documents with ease

 > Supports split archives for certain formats like RAR

 > Quickly manages and extracts almost all types of archives you come across on the Internet

 > Minimal consumption of machine’s resources

The Cons

 > There is no dedicated Help feature

 > Interface is slightly lacklustre

The Bottom Line

The Unarchiver is one of the top rated unarchiving apps for Mac machines. It works better than the OS X native app as it can handle more formats and is pretty faster. In addition, the system tool can also handle filenames which are in foreign characters.

The installation process is quite straightforward if you want to install The Unarchiver via Apple’s Mac App Store. You can even download the ZIP file from developer’s site, extract and copy it to your Applications folder.

Overall, the comprehensive list of supported formats together with the smooth-running UI makes the program a better alternative to Apple’s Archive Utility. Download it now from the Mac App Store!

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