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Memory Clean
FIPLAB - 4.40 MB (Freeware)

Is your Mac slow? If so, a quick flushing-out of RAM can help boost-up things. Memory Clean is one of the best software to speed-up your Mac’s performance. It flushes out freeing wasted memory and instantly boosts your systems performance. Macs often have unused cache stored in the system which can easily hamper its performance.

Disk Diag
Rock Sand Studio - 2.10 MB (Freeware)

Clean your Mac with one of the easiest ways called Disk Diag. This simple and well-organized tool helps to instantly clean your Mac by finding out which files are choking-up hard drive of your Mac. For those who need a quick, reliable, easy and efficient solution to clean their Mac, Disk Diag is a tremendous choice. It is basically designed to scan your Mac for unnecessary files and wipe them off in just a few clicks.

Macs Fan Control
CrystalIdea Software - 8.61 MB (Freeware)

Macs Fan Control is a lightweight Mac application that allows you to monitor your system’s temperature and fan speed. The program also gives you the ability to control fan speed by both directly and programmatically. You can directly set a desired RPM speed for your system’s fan, whereas advanced users can do it programmatically by setting desired speeds based on measured temperature.

Chris Sinai - 5.90 MB (Freeware)

CoconutBattery is a utility for Mac which allows you to check your present battery level. It displays live information about your battery charge, battery capacity and other battery related info.With all the information, you will now know how often your Mac battery was charged. Moreover, it helps you to draw a contrast between you Mac battery’s present maximum capacity and the original maximum capacity.

iStat Menus
Bjango - 27.80 MB (Freeware)

iStat Menus for Mac enables you to instantly monitor your system activity and usage of resources right from the menu bar. It’s always best to keep an eye on your system resources as it helps you understand more about your Mac and you can easy locate any possible issues.The application hosts clean, simple and crisp menu bar icons along with various dropdown menus.