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SHAREit Description

Want to transfer all your important content from your phone to computer or from your computer to phone? If yes, you are just a step away. SHAREit for Mac is a free networking tool that allows you to send your content like photos, videos, documents, music and folders at lightning speed between various devices.

The application doesn’t transfer the data you want to share over Bluetooth or on a general Wi-Fi connection. In its place, the sharing app automatically creates a wireless connection with up to 5 devices just like a small hotspot network.

Once you connect the app with other device, you can share or receive files as per your need. You can even receive content from a device and send it to other. One distinctive feature that makes this file sharing app stand out is that it supports multiple platforms, thus you can easily transfer your data from one platform to other with ease.

Download SHAREit for Mac and get set to take your files sharing experience between different devices to the next level.

Besides just sharing the data, the app itself can be shared wirelessly to other devices, thus you can start sharing your data immediately

Key features of SHAREit for MAC

 > Transfers gigabytes of content from computer to computer, phone to computer, computer to phone  in a matter of minutes without needing any cables, network charges or USB drives

 > Devices with SHAREit can automatically find each other when in range

 > Group sharing support is available for up to 5 devices at once

 > You can share your content without the need of Bluetooth, phone network or active Wi-Fi- network

 > Transfers  40 X faster than Bluetooth

 > Transfer you data between Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices

The pros

 > Lets you share all kinds of files

 > Multiplatform support

 > Offers great speed during transfers

 > Considerably faster than Bluetooth and USB technology

 > Saves battery power using its battery-saving technology

 > Simple and easy-to-use interface

The cons

 > Doesn’t work sometimes

 > Lack of information

 > Asks to reopen connection for initiating new transfers

The Bottom Line

SHAREit for Mac lets you transfer your huge files in seconds with added security and privacy. So whether you want to share a party video or one of your favorite music albums with your friends, SHAREit for Mac is your best bet. You can share files with up to 5 friends at once.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter what device or platform you are using to share your files, the application works fine with all and is able to communicate with any device that is SHAREit enabled.

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