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Picasa Description

Picasa is free software by Google that lets you find, edit, and share images on your Mac device. It is Google’s master response to iPhoto in the world of digital images. The software comes with a collection of tools and options that you will need to manage your photos.

Best thing about it is that whenever you open Picasa, it relocates all your images automatically even which you had forgotten. All images are organized into visual albums by date with folder names. It’s up to you to drag and drop your pictures to manage or create new groups with labels.

Removing blemishes and customizing your photos with the smart editing tools in Picasa is wonderful. Afterwards, you can share your pictures online with anyone around the globe.

You can import photos to your Mac device or share them on Google platforms including Picasa Web and Google+. It has every feature you require to manage your photos. Picasa operates on multiple functions like – as a catalogue expert, viewer, editor, and as a sharing tool.

From basic edits to powerful editing, you can enjoy a variety of options in Picasa. It may not be the expert software for images, but is undoubtedly a pioneer in offering wide gamut of options from crop to color.

The Pros

  > One stop software for your images

  > Wide array of editing options

  > Multiple platform sharing

  > Import/upload of images

  > You can add tags to label your photos

  > Organized in albums

  > You can also create movies, montages, and screensavers

  > An all-inclusive and intelligible software

The Cons

  > Limited facial recognition

  > Not an expert editing tool

The Bottom Line

For users who like to share and do a lot of things with pictures, Picasa is the all-in-one solution. Recent changes have added more purpose and assistance to this software.

Download Picasa for Mac to discover more fun and editing options for your images and share them online.

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