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KidLogger - 1.83 MB (Freeware)

KidLogger is an open-source Mac application used to keep a track of your child’s online activities from almost anywhere in the world. The keystroke logger gives you the possibility to log all visited websites, started programs, chat room talks, viewed pictures and movies, as well as opened documents by your kids.

Safe Eyes Inc. - 2.60 MB (Freeware)

Provide an ideal online protection to your whole family with Safe Eyes for Mac. It is an effective web content filter to help you block questionable stuff, limit spent time on the Internet, as well as control web-based programs like media players, instant messengers and P2P file transferring apps.

Intego - 65.60 MB (Freeware)

ContentBarrier is a parental control software for Mac intended to help you safeguard your kids from dangerous and inappropriate content on the Internet. The program is also capable of blocking certain protocols or various sort of Internet communication that you may not wish your kid to use, such as online games, SSH, FTP, streaming audio and video, peer-to-peer and other file sharing protocols.

Monitor Smart

Monitor Smart is one of the best Parent Control software available in the market. Are you worried if your children are using the Mac for the right purpose? If yes, then use Monitor Smart to monitor all Internet activities of your kids and keep a check on potential threats in the meantime.

K9 Web Protection
Blue Coat Systems - 2.10 MB (Freeware)

Designed by Blue Coat Systems, K9 Web Protection is a simple yet effective Internet filter and parental control software for Mac OS. The application helps you protect your children from unwanted content and risky interactions on the web.