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Paint Brush
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Paint Brush Description

Paint Brush for Mac is a basic, cocoa-based paint program that allows even the kids to use image editing. It’s a hassle-free image editor for Mac OS X that resembles to Paint app in Windows. It’s a fun application that allows you to do the doodle with ease.

Best thing about Paint Brush is it simplicity. It is basic to use and ideal for beginners. Though, it’s not a substitute for advanced image editor like Photoshop, it still finds application for its innate easiness.

For Mac users, it is perfect way to doodle. It can’t draw in a professional’s interest, but can let your kid learn and meanwhile enjoy. It also allows you to save your chef d’oeuvre in multiple formats. At times it gets rough to draw using a mouse, so a feature like light-pen and a pad could be of great use.

In simple words, Paint Brush is a fun and doodling app for everyone; not only kids. Easy to install and supports a rundown of files including – BMP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Loaded with user friendly interface, floating menu, simple tools, basic menu, and the traditional touch; Paintbrush is worth fun for a short while. Alike Paint, Paintbrush is also a freehand art tool that enables you to draw within seconds.

It lags behind third-party illustration tools, but can offer basic illustrations. You can import screenshots and do interesting things with image. It works on cross platforms and handy.

Paintbrush offers assistance to both Windows and Mac users as a matter of its resemblance to Paint.

The Pros

  > Very easy to use

  > Easy to install

  > Works on cross platforms

  > Handy

  > Resembles Paint

  > Basic features and illustrations

  > Can import screenshots

  > Floating menu

  > Ideal for kids

  > Supports multiple graphic formats

The Cons

  > Too much of basic features makes it limited for kids or till fun

  > Can’t draw with a mouse

  > Not an alternative for image editors

  > A fun application- that what it is

The Bottom Line

Well, now that you’ve read all pros and cons, it’s clear that Paintbrush is great until you see it as a fun application only. Download Paintbrush for Mac to doodle with images or let your kids stay glued to this simple, easy to use, and friendly application, while you are around.

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Mac OS X
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