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One Drive for Bussiness on Mac
Updated: Last week
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One Drive for Bussiness on Mac Description

Microsoft’s OneDrive for business is a place where you can sync, store and share all your files and documents easily between Mac OS devices and Xbox consoles. It’s a replacement for SkyDrive and an alternative to Dropbox. It’s a next generation Sync client that lets you connect and sync. To use the cloud storage service, you only need to install OneDrive on your Mac and create a folder on your device.  With the file sharing tool, you can share files from anywhere anytime.

With a couple of extra features like auditing, reporting, versioning support, and a good amount of free storage space; OneDrive for business is one of the best professional versions of personal cloud storage.

OneDrive for business client lets you add work or official account easily, and allows you to sync them with your computer. To use the tool, just install OneDrive wizard and click on Welcome to OneDrive button. Sharing or saving data on the drive is safe, easy and secure. All the files stored in OneDrive for Business are personal unless you want to share them.

You can easily share a file with your friends or with everyone in your organization by placing your files in the Shared with Everyone folder. Moreover, if you want to send an email from Outlook Web App, you only have to attach OneDrive for Business file as a link (rather than the whole attachment). Its setup process is intuitive and streamlined.

Salient features

  > Lets you easily open, edit and create docs from apps like Word and Excel

  > Allows you to share file with your friends, colleagues

  > Offers good amount of free space

  > Seamless Mac OS X and iOS integration

  > Offers free online editing and sharing of documents


  > Straightforward and intuitive workflow

  > Auto-syncing of files and folders

  > Improved file management


  > Transfer speed can get slow at times

  > Doesn’t offer more than 2 GB of storage

Bottom Line

OneDrive for business is efficient storage solution for your Mac. It is streamlined and easy-to-use tool that lets you easily access data from your OneDrive business account from Mac.

Download OneDrive for Business on your Mac and, save, share and sync your files to it so they are always with you.

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