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MplayerX Description

MplayerX is an audio/video player which helps you to tune-in to your favorite music on Mac. It’s simple, beautiful and powerful media player that one must have on his Mac. The MplayerX comes with new eye-candy fashion lets you play or stream any format of audio file right from your Mac.

Just drop any audio file on MplayerX and it will give you a clear and smooth playback. It is powered by FFmpeg and MPlayer which means the player can easily support any media file of any format without downloading any extra plug-in or a codec package.

With MplayerX on your Mac, you can dance on your fingers. Just pinch, tap or swipe and you are good to go. To use this, you even don’t have to remember any keyboard shortcut neither you have to move the cursor among the buttons. It follows your hand gesture and work accordingly.

It intelligently detects the encoding of subtitles which means you don’t have to do encoding conversion all the time. MplayerX also supports multi-monitor mode so if you want to work while watching your favorite collection, all you need is to drag and press F.

The great thing about MplayerX is that it starts where you have stopped playing last time. It comes with Remote Buddy, Sofa Control and Apple Remote Support that controls your MPX. It means you can enjoy your favorite playlist while relaxing on your couch.

Just plug-in your SPDIF cable and enjoy your home theater system with no more extra settings.  You can watch any online video form YouTube with just a single click.

Salient features

  > Play almost any video or audio file

  > Similar flexibility as that of VLC Media Player

  > Automatically searches the next proper file to play

  > Multi-threading ffmpeg support

  > Multi-touch support

  > Apple Remote support

  > Support OS X 10.7 or later


  > Very simple to use

  > Easy to connect with your home theater

  > Compatible with YouTube


 > It doesn’t have any channel integration like VLC

  > No subtitle search

Bottom line

MPlayerX for Mac is a free media player, specifically designed for Mac. It is lightweight, easy to use and can easily play or stream any audio file regardless of the format.

Download MPlayerX and tune right into you favorite music on your Mac now.

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Mac OS X
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