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LibreOffice Description

Simple yet efficient, LibreOffice is an open-source office suite for Mac OS X that offers presentations and graphics tools (Impress and Draw), a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet application (Calc) together with database, mathematical (Math) and various other useful tools.

The interface of this business software is clean and well-organized, offering valuable tools to help you unleash your creativity and increase your productivity. In order to meet your project management requirements, the latest version of LibreOffice provides 6 different office management tools, namely Presentation, Spreadsheet, Text document, Database, Drawing, and Formula.

It is a powerful productivity suite that combines a word processing app analogous to MS Word called Writer, a presentation program that mirrors Microsoft PowerPoint called Impress, a spreadsheet program similar to Microsoft Excel called Calc, and a vector graphics editor called Draw. In addition, the Mac software also includes a mathematics program and a simple database management program.

Available as a feature-rich software suite, LibreOffice is able to open legacy documents created by old Windows and MS-DOS applications. Moreover, the graphics module also lets you open vector graphics in CorelDraw or Visio formats.

Download LibreOffice for Mac today to try your hands on some advanced features with ease.

Key features of LibreOffice

 > Intuitive word processor, spreadsheet and drawing app

 > Compatibility with an array of document formats

 > Impress lets you create effective multimedia presentations

 > Draw allows you to build diagrams and sketches

 > Math is a simple equation editor that helps you layout and display your mathematical, electrical, chemical or scientific equations in a standard written notation

 > Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The Pros

 > Easy to use with smooth navigations

 > Equipped with an intuitive user interface

 > Offers rich set of productivity apps

 > Enables you to create diagrams, sketches, and effects

 > Helps novices as well as power users to access a variety of versatile and powerful features

 > Optimal response time

The Cons

 > Though the application handles all documents with simple formatting, you can encounter compatibility problems with documents having complex formatting and graphics

The Bottom Line

LibreOffice is one of the most useful office tools for Mac OS X that provides you 6 feature-packed applications for all your document production along with data processing requirements. You are able to identify most of the features and functions if you’re known to Apple’s iWork or Microsoft Office. The writer is quite similar to MS Word and Apple’s Pages; Impress is equivalent to PowerPoint and Keynote, while Calc is similar to Excel and Numbers. Overall, it is a perfect solution for students and organizations that require use of open formats with open source apps.

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