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Kolor Eyes
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Kolor Eyes Description

Kolor Eyes is a free multimedia software which helps you watch 360 degree videos from any angle on your device. You can watch high quality videos up to 8k, change the projection and apply visual effects right from your Mac-running device. It has a feature dubbed gyroscope which lets you navigate inside the video.

Kolor Eyes has a Leap Motion support which can play 360-degree videos with your hands. To explore the videos in the mode, you need to move your hands in either direction which will further move camera in the direction at which your hands are moving and let you explore the video from that angle. Just plug the Leap Motion device on your system, zoom-in and zoom-out the video.

You can also watch high quality videos with 4K resolution and take your video streaming experience to a new level. Because the decoding in Kolor Eyes is done by GPU, the processor of your computer is not much used which lets you watch videos smoothly and can play 4k videos on smaller configurations. The software is tailor-made for Mac devices and runs smoothly on OS X 10.7.5 and later Mac versions.

Salient features

  > Gives 360 degree video experience on your Mac

  > Support up to 8k HQ videos

  > Navigate inside the video with Gyroscope feature

  > Lets you change projection and apply visual effects

  > Supports Leap Motion


  > Easy installation

  > It is free to download

  > Supports 4k videos on smaller configurations

  > Less CPU utilization

  > Zoom-in and zoom-out options


  > Doesn’t support Mac versions older than OS X 10.7.5

Bottom line

Kolor Eyes is a video player that lets you watch 360 degree videos on your Mac. It’s easy-to-use and lets you enjoy high quality 360-degree videos right in your Mac device. The software is free to install and use.

Download Kolor Eyes on your Mac and enjoy 360 degree videos in full HD.

61.5 MB
Mac OS X
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