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Google Chrome
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Editor's Review for Google Chrome

Google Chrome Description

Google Chrome for Mac is a lightweight web browser from Google. It is one of the most popular web browsers in existence with lots of exciting and scintillating features. It is fast and allows high speed browsing with all the pages loading in a fraction of time.

With the Chrome for Mac, one can easily do tabbed browsing which is surely more attractive than Firefox. Chrome for Mac comes with a custom-built JavaScript V8 engine, which is capable of loading web pages swiftly. Surfing websites and loading pages with Chrome took less than a minute.

Along with the tons of impressive features, Chrome for Mac also includes a lot of extensions. The only tweak in Chrome for Mac is that it works only on Intel Macs.

While using this browser, if one of your open tabs crashes, then you doesn’t have to close all your tabs, you can just close the crashed tab and run other tabs smoothly.

The application also allows you to browse web securely. The Incognito window lets you to make a fresh search in secure way. It allows you to open pages that do not become a part of your browser history.

Chrome is now one of the most popular and widely used web browsers. Chrome originates from an open-source project by Google called Chromium OS and Chromium. The application, because of its robust JavaScript engine, a rapid-release development cycle, plenty of add-ons, and a vast ecosystem of extensions; gives a tough competition to other browsers available in the market.

Salient Features

  > Installation process is straight-forward and self-sustaining

  > Updates automatically

  > Provides clean browsing experience

  > Comes with number of built-in tools, hotkey functions and different modes

  > Tons of developer-friendly features


  > Super fast web  browsing

  > Lightweight

  > Integrated auto-update engine

  > Clean and streamlined UI

  > Google users can sync their accounts with Chrome

  > Number of extensions, apps, and themes

  > Good JavaScript handling

  > Incognito mode


  > Runs only with Intel Mac

  > Lacking  support for some plug-ins

  > No sandboxing of Flash

Bottom line

Google Chrome for Mac is a well-designed browser that gives you an experience of easier and faster web browsing. The interface is quite elegant and smoothly works.

Download Google Chrome for Mac to enjoy seamless, fast and secure web browsing. 

60.5 MB
Mac OS X
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