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Panic Inc. - 36 MB (Freeware)

Transmit is a highly-intuitive FTP client that has been specifically made with Macs in mind. The application supports a SFTP, S3 and iDisk protocol that lets you download, upload and delete various files over the Internet.The application supports quick multiple-connection transfers and lets you easily edit anything you want to send. For those who find difficulties while transferring their files through FTP, Transmit is one the best application to go for.

Cyber Duck
iterate GmbH - 101.10 MB (Freeware)

Cyber Duck for Mac is a free, fast, and tested virus-free software that allows you to download files from servers. It is the best option for users, who upload or download files on regular basis.Cyberduck is a peerless free FTP client that offers basic GUI to operate FTP tasks with ease. It enables download and upload of remote files with an FTP, SFTP, or a WebDAV connection.