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Evernote for Mac
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Editor's Review for Evernote for Mac

Evernote for Mac Description

Evernote is a productive clipboard app for Mac with great utility and features. The app allows you to get data anytime with your Mac and make the same data accessible and searchable at your call, from anywhere.

Evernote for Mac is one of the best office tools to create smart notes with text and media. The fantastic note-making app lets you access web content straight from it and lets you add images to your text.

You just have to synchronize with Evernote Service and enjoy a great note-taking experience. You can also access notes taken via other clients.

The handy office tool allows you to read, save, and manage your content for later use. Be it the images from your iPhone or whatever you can get; it can tackle almost everything.

The cross-platform app allows you to switch between Windows-Mac whenever you want. You just have to sign up for an account to make use of the Evernote for free.

The Notebook Stacks feature offered by Evernote allows you to manage notebooks in visual stacks.

The Pros

  > Built-in access to add-ons

  > Multiple features

  > Saves both text and media

  > Attach files and webpages to your notes

  > User-friendly interface

  > Supports synchronization and tagging

  > Free of cost

The Cons

  > Can’t export clips

  > Unreliable for sensitive information

  > Sometimes you need to sync manually

The Bottom Line

On an ending note, the app is quite useful and a decent client of Evernote Service. You can use the tool easily by either creating a free Evernote account or the Evernote Premium Account. The note-taking app makes note making better than ever. Download Evernote for Mac to have a good experience at saving all your important notes as well as to add essential files to them.

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