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Dropbox Description

Dropbox is a freeware, comprehensive and streamlined cross-platform for online storage. The data sync utility is specially designed to store your crucial data in its cloud storage. With Dropbox, you can backup everything from your photos to the files, and share them securely on the cloud.

In order to use the file transfer tool, all you need is to create an account and sign into it. Once signing in is done, Dropbox will automatically keep your data in sync between multiple mobile devices and desktops. Dropbox will also provide a 2 GB free space when you first sign into it.

With Dropbox you can easily upload files and generate public links to your files so that your friends can access data with ease. You can also copy your files into the Dropbox folder that you have created on your Mac during installation.

Working with team or in a group of friends is also very easy with Dropbox. A simple drag and drop feature will allow you easily share project files, music, videos or any other type of document with your friends. Moreover, Dropbox also allows you to find e-mail links that you can use to send files to your friends that are not on Dropbox. With a simple click on a button, you can link or unlink devices connected to your account.

You can access this tool from anywhere at any time, just click on the icon provided on the toolbar and access Dropbox.

Salient features

  > Seamless integration

  > Easy, secure and handy tool

  > Can be accessed from anywhere

  > Lets you sync your content between several different computers

  > 2 GB of free storage

  > Easy to use


  > Convenient cloud storage system

  > Available for OS X, Windows and Linux

  > Free 2 GB account

  > Easy to use

  > Streamline processing


  > Data transfer speed is slow

  > Provides no status bar

  > Sync slows down Mac

  > Free account offers little space

Bottom line

Dropbox for Mac is a free online storage solution that allows you to drag and drop files to share them easily and instantly with others.

Download Dropbox for Mac and share and store content easily.

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