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Curb Description

Curb is a system utility which is designed to facilitate emptying trash from removable media like USB flash drives. When we delete files from removable media, it gets stored on a special trash folder. These files take extra space, taking your drive’s free space. Curb allows you to delete files from thumb devices by cleaning all the data from the removable drive.

Curb cleans files that are of no use and are eating lots of space from your drive. It’s a nifty application that runs swiftly and removes all mess easily. With Curb, you just have to drag and drop media that you want to remove onto the interface. The curb will then automatically clean all mess from that media files.

On Curb’s interface, you’ll see a small progress bar which will show information about what files the software is deleting. Not only the software is quick and easy, it’s secure as well.  Curb comes with Secure Software tool which removes all trash safely. You can use different options like single pass, 7 pass, 35 pass or zero out blocks after overwriting.

Without hampering your local trash, Curb provides three different ways to empty your trash. With curb you can either delete trash permanently or move the trash to your local trash. You can also delete trash using Secure Remove feature.

Salient features

  > Easily remove all mess from removable media

  > Secure delete option

  > Clear all trash files without hampering your system

  > Quickly delete files without dumping it into your Mac’s trash bin


  > Best suited for those who frequently shuttle data between computers

  > Easy to use

  > Clean interface

  > Comes with other useful options like unmounting the drive when you clean the trash


  > Works with removable media only

  > Can’t delete individual files

Bottom line

Curb is an useful trash removal software which is specifically designed to facilitate emptying trash from removable media like an USB drive or SD card without harming user’s local trash.

Download Curb for Mac and delete trash files.

1.30 MB
Mac OS X
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