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Boom 2
Updated: Last week
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Boom 2 Description

Boom 2 is a simple yet effective application for your Mac that helps you maximize the sound coming from your Mac speakers.

This feature-packed application has various capabilities that help you boost the quality of sound. You can enhance the sound coming from songs and videos played via iTunes, YouTube video clips, Spotify, Netflix and many other applications. The application can also be used to boost the clarity of FaceTime and Skype video chats.

How it works

Simply add a graphic equalizer to the sound system of your Mac and get set to experience clearer and louder sound.

Boom 2 boasts very intuitive user interface that allows you to do the most of this multimedia application with just few clicks. Ranging from adjusting sound level of a track to customizing the equalizer, Boom 2 allows you to do many more functions just by accessing its main window.

Key features of Boom 2

  > Allows you to enjoy better, clear and louder sound

  > Includes various presets that can be easily adjust and personalize as per your desire

  > Allows you to save and load your own presets through the Boom 2 Presets Slide menu

  > Compatible with almost all apps

The Pros

  > Enhances the quality of sound coming from your system

  > Allows you to set sound level of multiple audios and videos with ease

  > Supports hot keys

  > Offers various edit levels for better sound effects

The Cons

  > Switching between tracks lead to create problem sometimes

  > Create a clicking sound at full volume with some apps

Bottom Line

Boom 2 is one of the best applications available in the market that helps you effortlessly improve the sound of your Mac. Download Boom 2 to make most of your Built-in Mac speakers.

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