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Blender for Mac
Updated: Last week
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Blender for Mac Description

Blender for Mac is an open-source software which offers several advantages with image editing. You can make use of 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation, and playback features offered by the software.

The Netherlands-based project encompasses a pool of basic to advance options. It is meant for experienced 3D modelers.

With Blender you can create, 3D graphics in high quality, movies and even replay real-time interactive 3D content. Doesn’t matter what sort of animation or modeling project you have in your mind, Blender is the one-stop solution for everything you need.

The varied features of the software have made it a common tool for professional animation studios across all of Europe indulged in the high quality 3D content production.

The only thing to notice is that Blender is for users who have some basic knowledge of 3D modeling. The documentation of the designing tool is a bit complex. Nonetheless, if you are familiar with other 3D modeling software or program you won’t find it difficult to catch the basics.

You can also find a dedicated support office on hand and booming community forum for assistance in case of any problem or technical issue.

Only thing it lacks is the sound support for Intel Macs, which is expected to be sorted out soon.

The Pros

  > Free of cost

  > Offers animation, movies, and advanced 3D content

  > Professional tool

  > 3D modeling

  > All-in-one image editor

The Cons

  > Doesn’t have support for Intel Macs

  > Complex format, not suitable for newbies

Blender is on and on a complete package for professional image editing purpose. Blender is completely free of cost along with its advanced set of features and powerful functioning. If you wish to enjoy professional 3D animation within a tight budget then Blender is a must try. Download Blender for Mac to give your 3D talent a go.

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