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Banshee Description

Banshee gives you access to all your favourite music in one simple and powerful media player. It helps you well-organize your music and interact with others via

Banshee is able play almost all popular formats. You can even sync your device with the application and import music or videos from it. The application allows you to discover new podcasts with Miro Guide along with the option to buy new music from the integrated Amazon MP3 store.

It supports various portable media players, including Android devices, Apple’s iPod and Creative’s Zen players. Banshee supports various Plugins that makes it customizable and extensible.

Key features of Banshee

  > Lets you play videos and music on your Mac

  > Plays most popular formats

  > Lets you rip music from CDs

  > You can create your own audio CD to listen to various music stations over the Internet

  > Allows you to quickly find exactly what you want

The Pros

  > Free and open source application

  > Allows you to subscribe to podcasts and automatically download them

  > Allows you to check what others are listening to through

  > Offers various playlist-editing options

  > Supports podcasts

  > Album artwork fetching

  > You can extend its usage with plugins

 The Cons

  > Not assisting with complete features as in Windows and Linux versions of the application

  > Banshee is still unstable in beta

Bottom Line

Banshee, media player, is simple to enjoy music and videos and powerful enough to thrill. You can discover new podcasts and music and keep your portable device full with lots of amazing stuff.

Download Banshee to play your music and videos.

38.40 MB
Mac OS X
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