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Backblaze Description

Backblaze is an efficient data backup tool for Mac OS X that is designed to help you back up entire volumes, including external USB drives connected to your Mac. Wrapped in a straightforward interface, the program can be accessed by both professionals and rookies.

The online storage program offers quick access to System Preferences pane that lets you setup the data you would like to backup. From the app’s Settings panel, you need to select the hard drives that you wish to back up and create a backup schedule, once per day or while manually triggered. Furthermore, the process automatically starts while launching the program so you can pause the process instantly and navigate to the settings panel for making the required adjustments.

The latest version of Backblaze for Mac enables you to create an exclusion list and also lets you set up your own limits when it comes to transfer speed. However, the application works only with entire volumes and doesn’t provide you with the possibility to back up only a particular folder, for instance. It has the ability to handle external drives.

On top of that, the deleted files retain for 30 days that proves to be useful in case you’ve deleted a file by mistake. In addition, the online backup utility also gives you numerous restoring options. You can download the data as a zip archive, you can have up to 128GB sent on a flash drive using FedEx, or all your data on an USB drive, sent using FedEx.

Apart from this, in case you wish to remove the data from the Backblaze servers just open the web interface and remove the current system from your account. Download Backblaze for Mac today to back up your data without any difficulty.

Key features of Backblaze

 > Ability to backup all your files, including documents, movies, and photos.

 > Restores multiple versions up to 30 days

 > Automatic or scheduled backups

 > Great Personal Backup, Business Backup, and B2 Cloud Storage plans

 > Offers real-time backup

The Pros

 > Easy and smooth navigations

 > Streamlined setup process

 > Can back up attached USB drives at no extra cost

 > Safe and secure online backup for files

 > Assists you with a simple and straightforward interface

The Cons

 > You can use the software for free with its trial version, after that you need to pay some bucks to purchase it

The Bottom Line

Backblaze is the most useful file transfer application for Mac OS X that helps you back up data on your system actively while you work. This way, you can quickly access your files from anywhere around the world. Once you have installed the program, it places a menu in your status bar that lets you check the backup status, launch the process, or restore the files you require in order to go to the web interface.

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