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Afloat for Mac
Updated: Last week
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Afloat for Mac Description

Afloat is a free cleaning and tweaking tool for Mac that allows you to keep the windows on top. Using the application, you can keep windows on top, move or resize them, make them transparent and more.

It’s basically a small Cocoa plugin that helps you add keep floating command to the Window menu of various Mac utilities. At first, it can be somewhat tricky for the users to navigate between all its features, especially if multiple windows are open.

How it works

  > Select the window > keep afloat from the menu bar

  > When you select a window to keep floating, it will stay on top among others

You can drag the selected window from and to anywhere. To do this, simply hold the control and command keys and drag it. Moreover, you can also add transparent effects to the window.

Key features of Afloat for Mac

  > Allows you to add floating window to your desktop

  > Keeps windows on top

  > You can make windows transparent or unclickable  

  > Efficient tool to keep an eye on certain windows

  > Hotkeys support

  > Allows you to resize windows from anywhere, not just stretching it from the corners

Bottom Line

Afloat for Mac allows you to set transparency of windows on your Mac. Though Afloat is a useful application to keep an eye on certain windows, it doesn’t work with all Mac applications.

Download Afloat for Mac to easily keep your window on top.

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Mac OS X
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