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Adobe Reader
Updated: Last week
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Adobe Reader Description

Adobe for Mac is a perfect office tool to access documents in PDF format. There have been many other such software lately introduced for the same purpose, still Adobe Reader finds great applicability and reference as the most popular PDF reading software.

It has seen some flaws and drawbacks in the meantime during its development from a simple reader to a widely accepted PDF tool. One of such outcomes is that it has now many plugins and frequently criticized extensions.

It makes the office tool end up being bloat and slower. Adobe has, by the time, tried to improve many of the issues related to speed and even the memory footprint has grabbed improvement. Still sometimes it becomes slow for the older Mac users.

Its main function is to open PDF documents which it does properly. It is actually the perfect tool you can use to navigate through pages manually or by search terms. It allows you to do maximum amount of preferences.

Adobe Reader is not just an office tool to be criticized for customization; it offers features way beyond that. You can even share files at by upload files option available in it.

At some points there are a few issues with the 64-bit machines. The PDF viewer plugin is not compatible with the Safari browser 64-bit mode. At times, it likewise becomes messy with the fonts in Word files converted to PDF while opening them.

The Pros

  > Industry standard PDF reader

  > Easy to navigate through pages and PDF files

  > Allows you to upload and share files via

  > Offers various customize options

The Cons

  > Slower functioning

  > Excess of plugins and extensions

  > Non-compatible with 64-bit machines

  > When you open PDFs in Word, reformatting issue occurs

The Bottom Line

Adobe Reader is an app that is sorted among the all-time names, but with time it has become bit old compared to modern alternatives. Still it’s a utility office tool to view PDFs and mind the slow speed. Download Adobe Reader for Mac to avail a user-friendly and smooth experience viewing your PDFs. 

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